James Lewis – Executive Producer

James Lewis is the Executive Producer for “Talktime Voiceovers”, a demo production company that provides coaching/training and career mentoring services. Talktime has worked with and produced demos for many of the leading talents in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

As talent, James is an award winning performer and has appeared on national television shows such as “HBO’s The Wire”, “Fox’s America’s Most Wanted” and the I.D. channel’s “Evil Twins”. Additionally Lewis has been seen in more than 150 commercials including national spots for “Ricola”, “Carmax”, “Airhead’s Bites Candy”, “Medicare”, “Rolaids” and many more.

As a voice actor James has recorded over 600 audio books and voiced characters for both “Marvel” and “DC Comics” as well as video games such as “Fallout 3”, “Fallout 3 New Vegas”, “Elder Scrolls IV” and “Street Hoops”.

James is eager to share his extensive knowledge and experience of the voiceover industry with you to help make your dream come true!