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Serving DC/MD/VA since 2008.


We provide high quality digital voiceover demo production services for professional and novice talent looking to break into the voiceover business. Additionally we also provide training, coaching and mentoring services.

James Lewis


James Lewis is the Executive Producer for “Talktime Voiceovers”, a demo production company that provides coaching/training and career mentoring services. Talktime has worked with and produced demos for many of the leading talents in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.


As talent, James is an award winning performer and has appeared on national television shows such as "HBO's The Wire", "Fox’s America's Most Wanted" and the I.D. channel’s "Evil Twins". Additionally Lewis has been seen in more than 150 commercials including national spots for "Ricola", "Carmax", "Airhead’s Bites Candy", "Medicare", "Rolaids" and many more.


As a voice actor James has recorded over 600 audio books and voiced characters for both "Marvel" and "DC Comics" as well as video games such as "Fallout 3", "Fallout 3 New Vegas", "Elder Scrolls IV" and "Street Hoops".

James is eager to share his extensive knowledge and experience of the voiceover industry with you to help make your dream come true!

Client Voiceover Demos

SERVICES (Contact us for prices)

We offer several plans to fit your experience level.  Payment plans are available.


Novice Package

  • 2 - 45 minute training classes

  • 1 - Completely produced MP3 demo (Commercial or Narration or Character)

  • Scripts provided

  • Scoring (music) provided

  • Sound effects provided

  • MP4 (video) for social media

  • Bonus track of all your raw recordings

(combo demos available at discounted rate)

* Payment plans available


Professional Package

  • 1 - Completely produced MP3 demo (Commercial or Narration or Character)

  • Scripts provided

  • Scoring (music) provided

  • Sound effects provided

  • MP4 (video) for social media

  • Bonus track of all your raw recordings

(combo demos available at discounted rate)

* Payment plans available


Voiceover Assessment

Come in and take a 45 minute voiceover assessment.  During the assessment we will analyze your ability to read scripts, follow directions and assess your talent/skill level as a voice actor.  If we determine you are a good candidate for demo production we will DEDUCT the cost of your assessment from your total demo cost.



Remote Coaching & Mentoring Services

Perhaps you live in another state or remote area but still want career advice on becoming a voiceover talent but can't find anyone local to help? Well Talktime is here to help.  We provide remote coaching and career guidance to help you achieve your dream of becoming a voice actor.


Add additional track to demo (narration, character, promo or news). 





Audition Service

MP4 Creation

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable producer, director, coach/mentor that focuses on voice acting as a business. Producers need to be able to motivate and guide clients toward career success. As an experienced and passionate voice actor myself, I believe in an approach that gives Talktime clients a positive, constructive way to learn while producing their demo. I design my training/production according to my clients needs, with an emphasis on understanding the business of being a performer.

Eryca Dawson, Voice Actress, Voice of Verizon

I've been a professional voice over artist for over 20 years. I've had a lot of demos and so called vo industry education classes (for free...NOT) and I just wish Talktime Voiceovers was in existence when I began years ago! I have had the opportunity to work with the Executive Producer James Lewis on a number of projects before realizing he puts his money where his mouth is by training, educating, and producing marketable and AFFORDABLE demos for new and existing voice actors. James will not charge you thousands of dollars like the majority of vo services, or leave you to the wind and collect your credit card info and stick your name in a file. Talktime Voiceovers got its name because of the passion that James has for this industry and the burgeoning talent pool particularly in the DMV that need effective training and a launching pad. Make no mistake, Voiceovers is a BUSINESS, and you need to conduct it as such to be successful...heck to work. However, what Talktime does is equip you, and you become not a file cabinet client, but if you need to know how to handle yourself for instance at your first audition after getting your demo created by James; he will answer that call, text, or Facebook text and give you some tips. He's also one with experience in voice overs on every level as you can see on this page. Don't waste your time with these virtual companies that will create a demo for you 10 states away. There is someone local who can equip YOU to go NATIONAL!

Client Testimonials:

Alexandra Tydings, Actress Zena Warrior Princess & Hercules

Thank You James Lewis for helping me make my first ever voice over demo. You are a real pro, give specific direction to get the right result for each of a multitude of styles, and are a joy to work/ play with. Thank you!!

Karim Clouden

Voice Actor

Simply put, James Lewis is The Man! He was the perfect fit for me to work with when I recorded new narration and character demos. He’s funny, personable, and professional. He knows how to direct to bring out the best in voice actors. I’d recommend him to voice actors of all experience levels and I look forward to working with him again.

Name, Title

Keith Richards, Actor, Graphic Audio

My demos are fantastic! I’m so incredibly happy with them and your work! Thank you! 

Bada Hebron, Actress

Thank you so much for this information and the promotion this morning on FB! I've already gotten inquiries about getting into voice-over. In addition, I just want to continuously thank you for your inspiration. You have no idea what a great push this has been for me to get started with this passion again. I hope I won't bug you too much, but you are a true mentor and I really appreciate everything! 
Now, the ball is really in my court to take charge and market myself even more!

Bruce Lancaster, Voice Actor

My wife and I just listened to my demo and she loves it! I do as well, but she is my barometer.  She is excited and so am I.   Great job producing!

Natalie Graves Tucker, Actress




Casting call: Sigourney Weaver, smart, intellectual Zen type voice. So the waiting room is full of, um, "Sigourney Weavers". I'm the only black woman in the room. Casting director calls me in and says, "I invited you because your agent said I should hear you so when I heard your voice demo (done by the great James Lewis of Talktime Voiceovers 😉😘), you have this Maya Angelou poetic peaceful style to your voice and that COULD work here so lemme hear what you got." You never know huh?

Alan Reed, Actor



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Years of Experience and Proven Results

I have been working in the voiceover industry for well over 15 years. As a voice talent I have recorded 100's of commercials, narrations, industrials and on-camera productions locally and nationally.


I created Talktime to help my fellow actors find affordable, quality voiceover demo productions services.  Founded in 2008 I have worked with hundreds of talent in the DMV many now working in the areas of TV, Film, Animation, Video Games, and Audio-books.


My goal is to help you reach your voice acting dreams!


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